Internationaal netwerk

‘Growing Green Cities – a call for action!’

Summery Masterplan Floriade 2022

‘Growing Green Cities – a call for action!’

Almere is a young city within the metropolitan area of Amsterdam, built on land reclaimed from the sea. Almere’s urban development plan is based on the Garden City Model: different city districts with green and blue belts  in between, used for recreation areas, nature zones and agriculture. Almere currently has a population of nearly 200,000 and is only halfway it’s future size. This is why Almere is focusing firmly on the future and has introduced the Green City concept, with the 2022 World Expo on Horticulture ‘Floriade’ as an important accelerator.  Within twenty years’ time, almost seventy percent of the world population will be living in cities. Knowledge, products and technologies from the agricultural and horticultural sectors are being used to find solutions to urgent and global urbanization issues, related to food, energy, water and health. Companies, knowledge institutes and students work together to find solutions for these challenges.

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The innovations will be showcased at the Floriade and it’s legacy: a new green healthy city disrict. It will become a place which shows the richness of flora and fauna and how they contribute to the quality of (city)life. It will be a place where food and energy are produced,  connecting  city and countryside. It will be a place that is worth experiencing. A permanent green district, that reminds you of the Giardini della Biënnale and Tivoli; a green Cité Idéale reflected in the Weerwater, as a dream that becomes reality.

The Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector

The Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector is one of the most innovative economic sectors worldwide. The Netherlands take a second position in the world, when it comes to food export. By combining the innovation agendas the agri- & horticultural sector and the city of Almere, the world exhibition provides an opportunity to work together on creating cities of the future.  The signing of the MUFPP underlines the importance of the world food issue. The 2022 Floriade offers an horizon for the  implementation of the MUFPP programme and the results made. 


Internationaal netwerk

In het kader van de Floriade bouwt de gemeente volgens drie sporen aan een internationaal netwerk.

Activiteiten van het AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers). Deze internationale tuinbouwraad heeft een groot netwerk en organiseert jaarlijks bijeenkomsten.

Aansluiting bij het ministerie van Economische Zaken. Het ministerie is aanwezig op internationale evenementen om Nederland te presenteren als koploper op het gebied van onder andere agrofood en tuinbouw.

Samenwerking met steden over de gehele wereld met ambities op het gebied van duurzame stedelijke ontwikkeling, al dan niet gecombineerd met tuinbouwgerelateerde activiteiten. In dit stedennetwerk wordt kennis gedeeld, onderzoek gedaan en vindt studentenuitwisseling plaats. Uiteindelijk is het de bedoeling dat deze steden vertegenwoordigd zijn op de Floriade.